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Having responsibility of a small or large team can be a daunting prospect for a new manager. Promotions often result from a strong performance in an individual role, and as a reward they get the privilege of line managing another person or persons.

Did the individual get promoted because of their ability to manage others? Likely not, if this is something they have never had to do before.

Too often, complaints in the workplace surround management style or management expertise. People might even enjoy the rare, or regular, moan about their boss to their colleagues. But we don’t think this should be the norm.

Think about a great manager you’ve had in your career. Someone who you respected, enjoyed working with, and who trusted you in your role. Now think about a poor manager you’ve had the unfortunate experience of working with. Maybe they micro managed unnecessarily, acted like they were above you, or simply cruised along while their team did all the work. We know what type of managers we’d rather have in an organisation.

We believe everyone can be a great manager, whether they have a natural talent for leading others or not. We support organisations who have new managers on board or working their way towards a managerial role, developing their confidence with their added responsibility and their ability to be an effective manager.


How do we do it?

We provide small group workshops as well as individual training depending on the needs of the organisation and individuals.


An Effective Manager
  • About – This session focuses on the basics of being an effective manager, developing the core soft skills of line managers and putting these into practice through this hands-on workshop.
  • Who it will benefit: individuals who are taking on their first managerial position, line managing others for the first time, or those recently in such a position and keen to develop their management skills.
  • Group size: 2 – 12
  • Length of session options: 90min, 120min, 180min
An Inspiring Leader
  • About – This session targets the fundamentals of leadership and differentiating a manager from a leader. It goes beyond the basics of management and focuses on enhancing attendees’ leadership qualities.
  • Who it will benefit: managers who have been line managing others for some time with experience working with a range of team members, looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.
  • Group size:  2 – 12
  • Length of session options: 90min, 120min, 180min

Individual Coaching

We offer individual support for those looking to gain dedicated coaching as a new manager, or those keen to enhance their leadership skills.