Training | Presenting & Public Speaking


Sharing information with others, be it a story, a sales pitch, a motivating team talk or simply telling people what you do, the ability to speak confidently to an audience of 1 or 1,000 is one of the most valuable skills an individual can possess.

It’s one thing to have the guts to stand up and speak in front of other people, putting yourself in the limelight and open to judgement, it’s another thing to deliver a consistently strong performance that will engage your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Think of an event you’ve been to where a speaker really enticed you with their talk, taking your full attention and motivating you to act or embrace what they had to say. Now think of a speaker you’ve heard where your mind has wandered elsewhere, losing your focus and leaving you wishing they would reach the end already. We know which type of speaker we would rather be. And this is the type of speaker we help our clients to become.

We provide quality training for organisations looking to develop this skill across their talented teams, building your employee’s confidence in public speaking and enhancing the impact of their delivery.

How do we do it?

We have two approaches to our public speaking support: group training sessions and individual coaching sessions.

Group Training

We deliver three core group training sessions, but content is tailored to each organisation to fulfil their desired outcomes:

Public Speaking with Confidence
  • This session focuses on the basics of public speaking, providing attendees with hands on, practical training without the fear of being asked to stand up in front of the group and present.
  • Who it will benefit: Employees who may lack confidence in speaking publicly, those who are keen to explore this skill further, or individuals looking for a refresher in public speaking skills to boost their confidence and have more impact in their role.
  • Group size: This is a very flexible session that can be delivered to a group of 2 – 2,000
  • Length of session options: 60min, 90min, 120min
Enhancing Public Speaking Skills
  • This session goes beyond the basics of public speaking, taking attendees through more accomplished speaking techniques and skills and putting it into practice in front of a small group.
  • Who it will benefit: Employees that may do some public speaking as part of their role, or those who are more confident in this area and looking for some dedicated training to enhance their delivery and impact.
  • Group size: The optimum group size for this session is between 4 – 40
  • Length of session options: 60min, 90min, 120min


Presenting Like a Pro
  • This session focuses on the presentation side of speaking, providing attendees with valuable training that looks directly at presenting content to an audience using slides, props or other materials.
  • Who it will benefit: Employees that are regularly delivering presentations to small or large groups, or those who have a particular presentation coming up with a specific purpose.
  • Group size: This is a more targeted session and suits a group size of 2 – 20
  • Length of session options: 60min, 90min, 120min

Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching for those seeking to enhance this skill as part of their personal and professional development. 

We work with company directors, team leaders and individual employees who are looking to develop their public speaking and presenting, be it part of their role or for personal development.