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The IAM Hub is a specialist training and development provider, bringing expertise in presence and public speaking coaching, leadership development and career consultancy; tailored for organisations and individuals.

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About The IAM Hub

The IAM Hub was born out of a frustration; a frustration of attending events, meetings and training sessions that left our director feeling uninspired.

When someone asked ‘how was the event / meeting / session?’ too often the response would be something like ‘meh’.

We’ve actually written a whole blog on this word ‘meh’ here – check it out to see what we mean.

And the reason for this response? People. When people are passionate about what they do, confident in their approach and capable with the right skills, they instil a level of respect and engagement from their team, colleagues and friends.

When people know their purpose, their goal and their audience, they get great results.

But when people are unprepared, unenthusiastic and uninspired? They transfer this lack of passion and poor skill set to those around them. Be it a team meeting, a training session or a large conference stage, people’s presence and skills matter.

The IAM Hub specialises in making people as brilliant as they can possibly be. To reach their potential and then beyond. If you’re in the wrong career or job, change it. If you’re not seeing results from your new managers, develop them. If you’re frustrated with the lack of impact when you deliver a talk or presentation, enhance yourself.

This is what we do. And we’re good at it. We coach, we train, we consult: we deliver success.

Public Event Series 

The IAM Hub event series is a range of group workshops for anyone looking to enhance their skills, build their network and maximise their success. 

The IAM Approach

We have a three-part approach to our service that maximises our clients success from organisational training to individual coaching. 

I AM: Successful


We got help with both a company-wide workshop and individual coaching sessions for the management team, and can recommend both.

The flexible and professional approach was valued by the directors who had individual sessions, developing their presentation skills.

Jenna was able to tailor the sessions to each director’s personality and style of delivery and get the best out of everyone.

It was a joy to work with IAM and I recommend highly.


Marketing Manager, Digital Detox

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