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Communication Specialist | Pitch Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Communication Specialist |

Pitch Coach |

Trainer |

Speaker |

Over 12 years in Learning & Development

Ex-Broadcast Journalist, Reporter & Radio Host

Professional Speaker’s Association Member

ICF Accredited Transformational Coach

Event Host, Pitch Coach and Trainer

BA Broadcast Journalism

MSc Management Consultancy

CIPD Diploma in Learning & Development

CertHE Psychology


When I was 10 years old, I stood on my school stage wearing my mum’s 70s black blazer stuffed with shoulder pads, the first pair of heels I ever stepped into in public, and a microphone in my hand.

Attempting a Liverpudlian accent, I greeted the audience in front of me: “Good evening everyone and welcome to Blind Date!”   

I was impersonating my earliest idol, Cilla Black. I was the host of my very own show at my Primary School Talent Performance. And I loved it.

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I have my own YouTube Channel

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Fast forward to today, and every stage I occupy – be it a virtual or physical one – carries a part of that confident 10-year-old on stage. Except I’m not impersonating Cilla, I’m showing up as me. Jenna.

I have often thought back to my childhood days and wondered where that confidence came from… I hosted my own radio station from my bedroom between 7 and 9 years old, which turned into stacks of cassette tapes sadly never to be listened to beyond the audience that was my family.

At 16, I grew my audience as a host at a local hospital radio station, entertaining patients every week who had no choice but to listen to my dulcet tones over the speakers throughout the wards.

I made the decision to go to university and study Broadcast Journalism, learning from public speaking experts who had been the faces and voices of news stations across the UK.

My weekly show for the university’s radio station was the longest standing show in its history. During my studies, I landed various freelance roles and spent the first years of my career as a sports reporter, radio host and journalist, finding myself in some rather delightful situations…

  • Interviewing Jude Law in the House of Commons
  • Firing questions at managers and players at football press conferences
  • Interviewing Theo Walcott in a changing room (yes, I am a Gooner, so this was great)
  • Delivering broadcasts live on air outside the Iranian embassy, New Scotland Yard, the Oval cricket ground, Wimbledon among many others
  • Reporting on a Regatta I had no clue about
  • Producing a mini documentary on Women in Sport featuring Denise Lewis, Hope Powell and the England Cricket team. 

Did you know...

IAM a fitness enthusiast

I Ski, Hike, Run, Lift and practice Yoga

Despite the excitement of radio and television, I didn’t feel like I was living my passion. That said, I had no idea what my passion was.

The following years of my career were spent navigating my way to finding said passion; working in ski resorts, recruiting for global travel companies, managing high profile events at a prestigious London venue, hosting fashion shows, leading the strategic direction for a growing retail hospitality chain, among other incredible learning experiences.

Alongside all this, I didn’t realise the number of friends and colleagues I was supporting with their public speaking. Every role I took on, I inadvertently became the spokesperson as well as the presentation coach. I began freelancing as a public speaking trainer, drawing on the techniques I had learned in my broadcast journalism days and honing my ability to enable others to become better communicators.

When I landed a role supporting budding entrepreneurs at a university, my passion was bubbling. Without a budget to work with, I coached every individual with their pitch skills, transforming many from quiet, nervous speakers into confident, impactful pitching pros, who wowed judges and audiences with their delivery.

Did you know...

I love to travel!

Japan, Iceland, Canada & Peru are amongst my highlights

And now I’m on a mission. My passion is peaking. The IAM Hub was born in 2018, with the goal of empowering others to communicate with confidence and impact. It’s a skill that can be transformational for business and career success. I train, coach and speak on the topic, and have the pleasure of helping teams, entrepreneurs and business owners to up their game with their communication skills.

Join me to up your game.


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