The IAM Service: Individuals

The I AM Hub works with individuals who want more from their current career. We support you to not only to identify some ambitious goals and reach them, but to go beyond what you thought success was. Whether you’re cruising along in your career looking for the next opportunity to pop up, searching for a foot in the door into your desired industry or simply keen to enhance your career further, The I AM Hub is your career companion for individual success. 

Skills Workshops

Enhance your skills with our hands-on training sessions, from presenting and public speaking with confidence to goal setting and emotional intelligence for success.

Career Consultancy

Get dedicated support to reach your career goals, identifying a range of opportunities for your future success and practical support with your next steps.

Development Programmes

Bespoke 1:1 programmes to go beyond your potential, providing tailored support in the short and/or long term from your career companion through face-to-face and online support.